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August 17, 2015 @ 11:17 am by Lackagh Church

Galway Bay FM Roadshow

This Friday 21st August the GalwabayFM Roadshow will be hosted by the community of Lackagh with Ollie Turner our MC on the morning.

We welcome local business people, GAA, historians, musicians and local celebrities to be part of this summer roadshow, Lackagh invites all the community families and tourists to come along on this Friday morning and enjoy all the events and we look forward to a great morning.

The show will be on air from 10am – 12pm on GalwaybayFM, Tune into 98.8 / 97.4 and what better way to kick start our Heritage W/end of events on this morning with Vintage displays, Local Museum open for viewing, local musicians, Foroige Group will have a Breakfast for everyone in the Parish Centre, a morning to enjoy so come along and everyone welcome to be part of this Roadshow on air at the Lackagh Museum Centre.

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