• Lackagh Church

  • Lackagh Church

  • Main Entrance

  • Choir Gallery

  • Altar

  • Altar St Patricks Day

  • Stained Glass Window

  • Side Aisle

  • Back Aisle

View of the Altar


View from Altar

  • May, 14

    The Ascension of the Lord

    1st Reading: Acts of the Apostles 1: 1-11 2nd Reading: St Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 1:17-23 Gospel: St Mark

  • May, 07

    Sixth Sunday of Easter

    1st Reading: Act of the Apostles 10: 25-26,34-35,44-48. 2nd Reading: Ist Letter of St John 4: 7-10 Gospel: St John

  • April, 30

    Fifth Sunday of Easter

    1st Reading: Acts of the Apostles 9: 26-31 2nd Reading: First Letter of St John 3: 18-24 Gospel: St John

Prayer to Jesus

Lord Jesus


I give you my hands to do your work.


I give you my feet to go your way.


I give you my eyes to see as you do.


I give you my tongue to speak as you do.


I give you my mind that you may think in me.


I give you my spirit that you may pray in me.


Above all I give you my heart that you may love in me your Father and all humankind.


I give you my whole self that you may grow in me.


So that it is you, Lord Jesus who live and work and pray in me.  Amen.

Mercy Prayer

God of mercy and compassion
Look with pity upon me.
Father, let me call thee Father
‘Tis thy child returned to thee.
Jesus Lord, I ask for mercy.
Let me not implore in vain
All my sins, I now detest them
Never will I sin again.